Micropiles are special due to the great significance of their lateral load capacity – they an hold both horizontal and vertical loads (in both directions), and they can be driven in at any angle, regardless of the soil conditions.

The production of micropiles is eco-friendly, there is no vibration or noise above the norm. The waste created is easily removable and will all be reused.

The machines used to produce micropiles are energy-efficient, light-weight (up to 12 t) and small in size. Therefore, they enable work in conditions where traditional pile machines cannot be used.

Micropiles can be used in reinforcing the foundations of existing buildings. The use of micropiles in the founding of light buildings spares from extensive digging and concrete.

Injection drilling piles were adapted from injection drilling anchors which we have also used extensively at anchoring retaining walls, piers, masts and tanks.

MV piles, driven steel tube and TB micropiles are used mainly for foundation of new buildings.

Customers continuously need to stop subsiding of single parts of building or floors. For solving these kind problems we offer injection of surface with cement grout.