Micropiles are suitable for reinforcing the foundations of existing buildings and building new ones.

Micropiles are all piles that are up to 300 mm in diameter regardless of the technology used for making the piles. The micropiles we offer are injection-drilled piles, bored piles with a small diameter i.e. MV piles, and impact-driven (RR piles) and bored steel pipe piles (RD piles).

Production of micropiles is environmentally friendly and fast. The machines used to produce the piles are lightweight and have a small gauge, meaning that micropiles can be installed even in tight conditions.

EVS-EN 14199:2015

Injection-drilled piles

Injection-drilled piles can be installed in tight conditions where drilling is difficult to reinforce the foundation. Injection-drilled micropiles have a high side-load bearing capacity and can withstand both pressure and tensile loads. They can be installed at any angle regardless of ground conditions.

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Impact-drilled RD pile piles

Impact-drilled RD piles are pipe piles that can be drilled through any ground types using a top or DTH hammer. Impact-drilled RD piles are a popular piling option in the rocky ground of the Scandinavian countries.

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Impact-driven RR piles

Impact-driven RR piles can be installed in ground that can be penetrated easily. Impact-driven RR piles are steel pipes that are installed using a hydraulic hammer. If necessary, we connect several piles with a sleeve and fill them with concrete from the ground up.

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