We manufacture micropiles and ground anchors with machines equipped with hydraulic rotary percussion drills (top hammer). Rotary percussion drilling is the best way to penetrate filled surfaces, old foundations, boulders, sandstone, and limestone.

We use rotary drilling rigs for sand and clay soils. We can make rotary drilling more efficient in complex soils with a pneumatic down the hole hammer (DTH method).

Inside buildings and cellars we use self-propelled drilling machines with an adjustable height and a separate hydraulic power source. In particularly tight and shallow conditions, we use pneumatic hand-held drills.

Operating since 1997

Geomek D 50-3

Geomek D 50-3 is a foldable lightweight drilling machine with a separate power source, which we use to install injection-driven piles in particularly tight and shallow conditions.

  • For drilling, the machine has a rotary percussion drill Krupp HB 11A.

For installation of injection-drill piles in basements.

Geomek V-400

Lightweight drilling machine on rubber bands based on Volvo EC55, equipped with:

  • Hydraulic hammer Furukawa 9
  • Rotary percussion drill Eurodrill 2004
  • Rotary drill IPC 4.5

For installation of RR and RD piles.

Geax EK90

For the manufacture of CFA, WSM, and SDP piles up to Ø600 mm in diameter.

Piles can be up to 16 m tall. The machine weighs 26 tons.

Atlas Copco Roc 642

Atlas Copco Roc 642 is a drilling rig with good maneuverability (mast height 7.4 m and weight 10 tons).

The machine has a Cop 1238LE rotary percussion drill with increased torque (1000 Nm).

For installation of injection-drill piles and anchors and RD piles.

Klemm KR 802D

Klemm KR 802D has a mast height of 7,5 m and it weighs 9 tons.

The rig is equipped with rotary percussion drill KD 1011 and Jean Lutz measuring and control device.

For installation of injection-drill piles and anchors.

Klemm KR 806-3D

The drilling rig has an extended mast, a working rod stroke of 6 m, and it weighs 16 tons. The machine is equipped with:

  • Rotary percussion drill KD 1624
  • Rotary drill KH 13S

For installation of injection-drill piles and CFA bored piles.

Comacchio MC 235

The Comacchio MC 235 is a drilling rig with a separate power source that has adjustable track width and adjustable mast height. An opening of 0.9 m is enough to enter a room, the length of the hydraulic hoses is 35 m, the weight of the drilling rig is 2200 kg, and the power source weighs 1300 kg. The machine has two drills:

  • Comacchio Rotary 4.5 for rotary drilling
  • Eurodrill 2004 for rotary percussion drilling